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The term 'Yoga' comes from 'yoking up' or connecting to God. There are many schools with different forms of yoga. All teachings guide an embodied spirit in a non-personal relationship to God. One of the main teachings of Yoga is that the supreme godhead resides in every being in its heart.

The native yoga-paths are a part of the vedic-culture we refer to today as Hinduism.

Karma Yoga
Karma Yoga achieves union with God through right action and through service (Bhakti Yoga). Sri Bhagavan Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita can also sum up karma Yoga in a statement: "Worshipping Him with proper actions, a man attains realization". One key to Karma Yoga is the performance of right action and service for its own sake, without consideration of the immediate or apparent results.

Bhakti Yoga
The Yoga of love and devotion. The Way of Transcendent Love which sees the whole universe, animate and inanimate, as being pervaded by divinity. Also very much involved with service (referring to Karma Yoga), and way of the heart.

Hatha Yoga
It is yoga concerned with physical and energy purification and training. Its goal is to bring the physical body into a perfect state of health so the soul has a fitting vehicle of expression to work through. It embraces many practices, including physical postures and breathing exercises (pranayama) which also act upon the physical nervous system and etheric body which is considered a corollary aspect of the physical body and brings the vital energies of the physical and etheric bodies under conscious control.

Is Yoga an innocent exercise program?
When people use yoga techniques to improve their health they need to also understand that they may be opening themselves up to changes within themselves which may have dramatic spiritual consequences. Yoga tends to alter a person's consciousness and leads to occultism. Personality changes can be brought about in Hatha yoga and other types of yoga by changing the body so that it influences the mind.

One such experience was of Christina Grof, who, prior to her experimenting with yoga, was an average conservative housewife. During her pregnancy, she, without suspicion, took up yoga to improve her health. She found herself transformed into a New Age Leader. These yoga routines also led to numerous psychic experiences. She became a disciple of the Hindu Guru Muktananda.

Soon, Christina thought that she was going insane.

In the case of kundalini yoga, what normally is thought to be symptoms of mental illness and/or demon possession is 'redefined' by New Age Practitioners as being on the road to 'higher consciousness' or 'enlightenment'. The persons who innocently practice it are taught to not resist this process, but instead to totally surrender themselves to it, because 'it is a part of that ageless wisdom of evolutionary transformation that is far wiser than ourselves.'

Many practicers of yoga report feeling an 'electric sensation' going over their body, and soon after, being visited by a 'Spirit Being'. Visions of becoming one with the Universe, is of course also a part of this process. This is why many Yoga Centers actually provide its users with 'Spiritual Emergency' Facilities, to help when one feels they are becoming terrorized by demonic presences.

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