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In the 1970s, Eastern Meditation became the craze in the West. And because sustained Alpha brain wave rhythms in the frontal and central regions of the brain were known to be characteristic of Hindu Yogis when they were in a state of deep meditation- numbers of people during the 70s began to look to Biofeedback techniques as shortcuts to entering into deep meditation, in order to experience enlightenment or oneness with the Universe.

'Electric Meditation' became the new rage in the 1970s, a new fashionable parlour game and thus, the market was flooded with these types of devices, which were used for inducing instant Alpha brain rhythms.

A man named Doctor Green of the Menninger Foundation developed the Biofeedback procedure by investigating the trance state of the Hindu Yogis, observing how they were able to mentally control internal bodily functions during altered states of consciousness. Then equipment was built to monitor psysiological behavior and display it visibly on meters and light response devices.

The patients use mental persuasion and positive thinking while viewing this apparatus, to try to alter what it does, thereby lowering blood pressure, body temperature, and heartbeat to relieve stress. In other words, if you are thinking stressful thoughts, that will show up on the machine, according to however stressful you are; and then you will do your best to change your thoughts to 'happier' ones, or else try to think of Nothingness -as the Hindu Yogis do… and the result is that finally, you go into a trance state, as done while practicing Eastern Meditation.

Simply put : the idea behind Biofeedback is that under normal circumstances, we are unable to be aware of our own body rhythms. You have no idea of your brainwaves and what state they are in. But if electrodes are placed in strategic places on the body to register your body rhythms, then even the simplest machine can make it possible for anyone to recognize when Alpha or Theta rhythms are present.

When you become aware of these rhythms, you can then control the brainwaves almost at will. You are able to see on the Biofeedback machine in front of you that certain thoughts produce specific types of brain waves, and Alpha waves are the goal. So accordingly, you will think whatever you have to- or not think at all- until you achieve the desired results. This helps the person to sustain the desired Alpha state, which in turn puts them into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation.

If something is bothering you, such as your conscience, or your mind is doing its normal thing of deciding whether or not something is right or wrong you can just tune it all out with Biofeedback! Then you can relax, yes but Satan never relaxes! 'Be sober, be vigilant, for the Devil is like a lion seeking whom he may devour!'

It is clear that a trance state of mind is the true goal to be reached with Biofeedback, as is admitted even by New Age Medical professor Bernie Siegel in his book Love, Medicine and Miracles pg. 147-149 : 'The goal is to reach a light trance state, sometimes called the alpha state (which) is the first step in hypnosis, biofeedback, yogic meditation, and most related forms of mind exploration.'

It is also clear that the Biofeedback technique is used to induce altered states of consciousness, as we learn from Lyall Watson in his book Beyond Super Nature on pg. 110: 'It is clear that biofeedback techniques, in particular those which involve learning control of brain- wave patterns, can produce psychological changes and altered states of consciousness.'

We must remember that Dr. Green of the Menninger Foundation had conducted his research for developing Biofeedback under Occult circumstances, and that this is the real origin of Biofeedback! He was learning the techniques of Hindu yogis who knew how to put themselves into deep trances during Meditation. It is also true that some patients who have used the Biofeedback devices have experienced spontaneous psychic phenomena upon entering the Apha brain wave state. Using the Biofeedback machine has led them to being able to successfully trance-out, opening their minds up for demonic possession!

New Agers brag of how Biofeedback Machines help unleash the psychic powers of the mind, but in reality, they help to 'tune out' your thinking process, make you turn into a vegetable, and then Satan can 'unleash' his demonic forces upon your now zombie- like mind! All Biofeedback really is, is a new modern day 'Electric Meditation' Machine that is used to help you get in touch with the 'Universal All', who is reality, as we learned, is Satan!

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