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"He shall honour the God of forces: a god whom his fathers knew not"... he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws Dan:7:25;11:38

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I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire. A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him: thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him: the judgment was set, and the books were opened. Daniel 7:9,10

     The Bible clearly teaches that there is a Time of Judgment, a Judgment Throne of God. The New Age Movement however, seeks to do away with God's Judgment and make man his own "judge'.

Inspired Christian Writer, Ellen White explains to us some of the doctrines of Spiritualism:

"Spiritualism declares that there is no death, no sin, no judgment, no retribution; that men are unfallen demigods; that desire is the highest law; and that man is accountable only to himself. (Spiritualism teaches that)...each mind will judge itself and not another- 'the judgment will be right because it is the judgment of self. The throne is within you.' 'Said a spiritualistic teacher, as the "spiritual consciousness" awoke within him: "My fellow men, all were unfallen demigods." And another declares: "Any just and perfect being is Christ." Ellen White, Signs of the Times, June 30, 1890, Great Controversy pg. 554

     The Bible clearly teaches that we each will be judged by God, but even though New Agers claim to believe in the Bible, their 'Spirit Guides' teach an entirely different doctrine! For instance, J.Z. Knight's channeled spirit 'Ramtha' says that we are bound by no moral absolutes (no Ten Commandment Laws), and that therefore God will not judge us:

"Contemplate the love of God; how great this Entity-Self is, that is all encompassing; that will allow you to be and do anything you wish and to hold you judgeless. God has never judged you or anyone." Ramtha, Voyage to the New World, pg. 61

     According to New Age Thought, we won't be judged because our 'Entity-Self' (according to Ramtha) is God! Spiritualism teaches that each mind will judge itself and not another- 'the judgement will be right because it is the judgment of self' The throne is within you.''

     Spiritualism teaches that man is destined from birth to progress unto the godhood. Supposedly, man is already perfect at birth, at his 'Core' Self or 'Higher' Self. According to New Age philosophy, we fragmented off from the Universal All, but we kept a Divine Spark (of God) within us. And all we need is to realize this 'God within' and develop to our Divine Potential. Therefore, how then can we be judged for anything that we do? Nothing that we do can be considered as 'Sin':

"There is no sin, therefore, no reason for guilt." Ramtha, Minneapolis Star and Tribune, Nov. 27, 1986, pg. 6

Now let's read from the writings of a New Age Establishment, The Church of Conscious Harmony, Austin, Texas, The First Step, pg. 13,18:

"The fundamental goodness of human nature... this basic core of goodness is capable of unlimited development; indeed, of becoming transformed into Christ and deified...this says 'you were born good. At the core of you and of every soul on this earth, everyone of you have ever laid eyes on, is that goodness; they remain good. Man's basic nature, like God's basic nature is absolute good... in each of us the True Self is Christ... our basic core of goodness is our True Self. Its center of gravity is God...God and our True Self are not separate... the truth of righteous judgment is this: that the core of every being is God, the absolute good one. At the core of each of us acting in whatever way we do, is God's love, His goodness."

     Think about it, if we are born with 'The Divine Spark' within, then the things we do wrong are not really 'Sin', -instead, they are little 'growing experiences' that help us to finally achieve our 'Godhood' potential. Pantheistic Spiritualism teaches that we will never die and that therefore, we must never face judgment by a personal God. We just will keep on incarnating over and over again (through the process of Reincarnation), correcting whatever is deficient in us, till we eventually reach perfection and become 'One with the Universal All' once again.

     Also, in Spiritualism, our so-called 'Higher Selves' that reside within, acts as a Judge and helps us to see where we need improvement. It also helps us to actually improve till we reach our full potential into Godhood. This 'Higher Self' or Spark of Divinity within- remembers that we fragmented off from 'The Universal All' and it acts as a guide for our 'Lesser Self' or mortal self.

The following is from An Introduction to Psychic Studies, by Hal Banks, pg. 72,73:

"There is adequate reason to make the statement that we judge ourselves.
1. Raynor C. Johnson says:
All judgment is self-judgment. There is a centre in the soul of every man which is the divine spark, and this judges him. It is said by many communicators that at a certain point after death there is presented to the soul something that might be described as a moving picture of its past life. It is an experience in which the truth is made clear, and the soul can assess its own success or failure.

2. ...There are both compensation and retribution, because the natural laws of cause and effect are perfect in their operation. There is no Great Judge on a white throne, separating the sheep from the goats, for we have 'judged' ourselves in the spiritual nature we have attained by the character we have formed. That is our spiritual passport. Our character, for which each normal individual is responsible, is molded by our earthly lives.

3. Ruth Montgomery in her book, The World Beyond, Arthur Ford communicating through her, said that there is no judgment in the next stage of life except by our own conscience. He added: 'This voice of inner conscience is a part of God, as we ourselves are a part of the Creator, but the judgment which is meted out comes from our own being after the bandages are lifted from our physical eyes. The veil is withdrawn, and we are able to see clearly where we erred and where we chose rightly and thus advanced perceptibly...'

4. The communicator in William Stainton Moses' Spirit Teachings says that: soul is the arbiter of its own destiny; its own judge. This is so in all cases of progress or retrogression. The communicator when asked if there is a general judgment following death replied:
No. The judgment is complete when the spirit gravitates to the home which it has made for itself. There can be no error. It is placed by the eternal law of fitness. That judgment is complete, until the spirit is fitted to pass to a higher sphere, when the same process is repeated, and so on and on until the purgatorial spheres of work are done with, and the soul passes within the inner heaven of contemplation.

5. Charles Drayton Thomas, commenting on judgment, remarks that: The Judgment consists in being able to see ourselves as we are, and by no stretch of imagination being able to avoid seeing it. It is a Judgment of God on us (lesser selves) through our Higher Selves. On earth, even the best are subconsciously avoiding things, or trying to think things are slightly other than they are... No other person could be so just a judge as we ourselves can be when facing the truth."


     You see, if we are all 'God', then the so-called 'Spirit Guides' out there (which are in reality, demons) are nonjudgmental beings also. They are portrayed as--'our friends' who watch out over us and guide us into full human God-potential. Thus, the people are encouraged to go to their Spirit Guides for comfort and advice, etc. On the other hand, Christian ideas of a God of Judgment, are considered as 'the enemy' and the 'Deceiver':

And now from Christ Star, pg. 16 a New Age channeled magazine:

"It is time to abandon the lie of unworthy. Give up any faith you may have in the whisperings of the deceiver, who tells you that neither you nor your fellow human beings could possibly be divine. Its time to take an uncompromising stand for the exaltation of humanity... let the illusions of separation (from God), unworthiness, fear and judgment fall away. They are not real and they no longer deserve to be believed in or treated in any way as if they were real. Strengthen your love for and faith in the Truth of the divinity of all life. Wake up! the time is now!"

     In case you didn't 'get it', the New Age Movement teaches that it is during this 'New Age of Aquarius' that mankind is to wake up to the fact that they are God- they are Christ -and that thus, there is no Judgment! Later we will discuss just how this New Age Message from the channeled Entities, who in reality are Demonic Presences, -flies in the face of the great final Message for Mankind, from God's Three Angel's of Revelation chapter 14: 6,7: And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to Him; for the hour of His Judgment is come: and worship Him that made Heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. We will also learn how the Devil knows he has but a short time left, so he is now working furiously to bring these New Age 'doctrines of devils' into the Christians Churches today.

     The 'God' of the New Age Movement is the 'Ultimate It'; not a personal Being, though they like to use capital Letters, Force, Energy, Essence, Vibration, Principle, Being, etc. This idea thrills those who seek to escape from a personal God who expects moral behavior out of His created beings. They do not wish for a God who: Hears what they do (Exodus 2:24); Sees what they do (Genesis 1:4); Knows what they do (II Timothy 2:19); and has a will (I John 2:17).

     Though these demonic Spirits teach that 'each one will judge themselves'- this is not true! We are not going to judge ourselves, for if we did, then we would be God! This is exactly the lie that the serpent told Eve in the Garden- that ye will be as Gods. Man seems willing to do just about anything to escape responsibility from his own actions. They do not wish for accountability, nor do they wish to submit to a higher Authority. They would rather believe a lie. This is the ultimate appeal of Pantheism and this New Age 'Doctrines of Devils'!


     The phrase "Celebrate Life!" is very frequently used in New Age circles, which can be seen in various New Age and Witchcraft Books and Magazines. For instance, A New Age Spiritual Retreat in January 16-23 of 1994 was held at the Lona Hilton Beach and Tennis Resort in Hawaii, featuring as Speakers, Larry Dossey, Sharon Forrest and Bill Ferguson. What was the title of this Retreat? Celebrate Life '94. New Age/ Humanist Book by Re`ne Dubos is entitled, Celebrations of Life. Yet another example: Witchcraft Book edited by Diane Stein, "The Goddess Celebrates, an Anthology of Women's Rituals". A New Age cassette tape series by Susan Smith Jones is called Celebrate Life!

     When New Agers say: Celebrate Life! -What they are really 'Celebrating' is the cycle of life. Their basic belief is that the Universal All decided at one time to fragment-off in to what we see as the Universe today: humans, grass, trees, etc., and that all life is 'evolving' back to this 'Universal All'- in their journey towards godhood.

     For this reason, they see the history of life as one big Reincarnation Cycle- with everyone incarnating over and over again, and all of existence evolving back to the 'Great All'. And even then- the Universe supposedly will fragment-off- and take still another form, so that it can further 'experience itself', and on and on, with no end. Thus, there is no death! All is Life! Everything then is a Celebration of this life-evolution cycle that is helping us to realize our godhood. All that we do, is something to be 'celebrated.'

     This is exactly what the Baal Worshippers of old believed. Their Baal-God of Nature would go through cycles of life, death, life, etc. symbolized by the cycles of Nature: spring, winter, spring, winter, etc. Spring was life, and winter was death, but there was always spring again. This is why in a Witchcraft/New Age Periodical we find an advertisement for a book called, Celebrating Life: Rites of Passages for all Ages, by Tzipora Klein that says in the ad: "Contains rituals and folklore that honors different milestones in a person's life including: Conception; Wiccaning; New Skills; Puberty Rites; First House/Leaving Home; Emancipation, or turning Twenty-one."

     In Pagan Witchcraft, all things, including you, every other person, the Earth, all cultures, all worldly pleasures, and even death are a cause for 'Celebration!' All life is a Celebration and thus- the term 'Celebrate Life!'

     In this 'Age of Aquarius' or New Age period of Earth's History, supposedly it is a time when a great number of people are waking up and listening to the Spirit Guides, and therefore, according to New Agers, this is a wonderful time in which to 'Celebrate Life', because we are all in the last stages of evolution towards the 'Universal All':

"This is an exciting time for mankind. It is a most wondrous Celebration Of Life... many forms of extraterrestrial life have come here to join you in the great Celebration of Life, as mankind awakens to its divinity and is able to don the robes of the Most Divine One and move, forth into the great adventure called evolution." Spirit Speaks Magazine, pg. 11, Sample copy, channeled by Spirit called 'Kunda'

     This is why the term 'Celebrate Life!' is being used more and more often in New Age circles and even now in 'Christian' Churches. This is the time for great Celebration, because 'The Spirit Entities' are helping mankind to 'Raise their Consciousness' and to realize their 'Godhood'.

     In Christianity, we believe that a personal God created us, and that- because He is our Creator, He then has the authority to require us to obey His Laws. On the other hand, New Agers believe that we were not created by a personal God, but rather that we evolved from the Earth. The entire Universe, the Earth, and all of us human Beings are all a part of the inter-connecting reality that is 'The All'. Since, according to New Age philosophy, we were 'created' by the Earth, through evolution, then the Earth (represented by the Goddess) and us humans are all on the same level. We are 'God, or Goddess' and we therefore have the right to make up our own Laws. In Christianity, we are not on the Creator-God's level at all, for He is a Sovereign God who is separate from us and who created us.

     Because of this, New Agers and Witches feel that worship of the Goddess involves 'Celebrating' the fact that there is no 'Big God in the Sky' who is a tyrant and who tries to lay down laws and tell us what to do. There is no 'Superior' Being who holds us accountable and who expects morality out of us and judges us for what we do. This, according to them -is cause for lifelong Celebration!

     If you were to ask a Wiccan (Witch) priest about his ideas of 'Sin', he will tell you, 'Life is a Celebration, don't worry about sin... Celebrate Life!' They are not at all worried about any Reckoning Day... they say 'Live Life to your full potential in your evolution towards becoming a God, Celebrate!' "The Goddess has only one commandment... love life...women are designed by the cosmos to lead the human world back, now, to the Great Celebration... we will return to the Goddess, the Great Mother of all life, as her magic children..." Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor, The Great Cosmic Mother

That's the only 'Commandment' that New Agers believe into 'Love Life' and to 'Celebrate Life'. Spiritualism says, "There is no Judgment, live as you please!"


     Ellen White warned that Spiritualism's doctrines would manifest in different forms in the Christian Church before the Second Coming and that most wouldn't even recognize it as Spiritualism. Let's go over just a few instances where these Spiritualistic Doctrines are showing up in the various Denominations.

     In one Christian Magazine, Dialogue, Vol. 2, *11, Nov. 1991, pg. 7 it said: "God no longer plays parent to our childish irresponsibility. Instead, God treats us like friends, allowing us to make our own mistakes. She suffers with us and celebrates with us."

     "She" Suddenly God is a "She" who celebrates with us? Now, first of all, its obvious that this is referring to the New Age Goddess as 'God', but I want you to notice here that this Christian Magazine is pushing the idea that God just sees our life as a series of little 'mistakes' and 'She' doesn't judge us for any wrong-doing that we may perform. This perfectly goes along with the New Age idea that life is a place merely to 'evolve' into our godhood and that God doesn't judge us for anything that we do. Now, if that quote from Dialogue Magazine wasn't enough for you, here's another similar quotation from a Christian Magazine:

"I picture God as an old white man; muscular, serious, awesome, and reigning on a big white throne. But what if She stretches out on the stars and jokes with the angels, with skin as rich as Mississippi mud, and hair flowing down Her back..." Insight Magazine, Jan. 15, 1994, pg. 11

     Not only do they refer to God as a "She" (representing the New Age Goddess) but also, they are obviously trying to ridicule the idea of God being The Ancient of Days who sits on the throne and judges us! This, my friends, is Spiritualism! The Demonic Spirits do all they can to try to demolish the doctrine of the Judgment!

     In the 1970's, we began to see in Christianity a very distinct dislike for the doctrine of the Judgment. This is when the New Age Movement started to really get rolling, and their doctrines began to seep into the Churches. Christians with Doctor's Degrees, people in Christian Seminaries, big-shot Theologians began to write articles and say to God's people that the idea of the Judgment cannot be found in the Bible. God's Judgment became a subject to be ridiculed.

     One such instance is when a 'Humorist' named Curt Cloniger was at a Christian Conference Campmeeting in Oregon. This man has worked with Christian functions several times. May 9,1992, Curt Cloniger put on his Show where he pretends to be God Himself, during a skit. This skit is put on for Christian Youth Festivals around the U.S.A.

Here is what Curt Cloniger has to say, when he Portrays 'God' as he physically comes riding up on a horse:

"I guess you know yer tresspassing, don't you! You are breaking Ordinance 747 paragraph Double D. What do you mean- who am I? My name is God! This here's my horse- 'Guilt'. Yeah, and you don't have to tell me yer name, partner, cause I know it already. I got it written down in my little book. . Yeah! I've been watching you with My all-seeing eye here, just like a hawk! Every move you make, every step you take, every bond you break; I've been watching you! I 'm making me a list, and checking it twice, yeah, we're gonna find out who's naughty, ain't we? I wrote most of ya'll off a long time ago! Yeah, most of ya'll are going down the shoot, if you know what I mean. And the rest of ya'll- I've just about had it up to here with you, and I'm just waiting for you to make a mistake... I'm keeping track, too In my little book, I'm keeping track of all of it. The tresspassing you just done Partner- it goes down right here. And when you get enough of 'em, well then, let's just say it ain't a pretty sight!"

     This man goes on and on, making fun of the Judgment message- portraying the idea of 'God' as a Being who is a tyrant, and who watches and hopes you will sin, so that He can punish you! This is done, of course, to ridicule the idea of Our God being the Ancient of Days on His Throne of Judgment. This is exactly what the New Agers say about the idea of the Christian's God and the Judgment! And then, after they portray this extreme view of God, they will proceed to tell you about the so-called 'true' God, who is a Goddess that 'jokes with us and laughs with us and allows us to make our mistakes and celebrates with us'.

     Yes, there have been many attempts through the years -in our Christian Churches, to get rid of or tone down the Judgment Message, which in effect demolishes both the Judgment Message and the Message of the need of the atoning blood of Christ. The demonic 'Spirits' are spreading their 'doctrines of devils' all throughout our Churches, -yet most of our people have no real conception of what's really going on!

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