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Masterpiece of Deception
by Claudia Thompson

This book traces current deadly spiritual lies and deceptions that are both in the World and in the Church to the place of their true origin.

In order to be able to view the Word of God correctly, one must learn to see the Bible stories as a whole, and learn how everything relates to the other. We are to compare scripture with scripture. The Bible student should understand the central theme, of God's original purpose for creating the world, of the rise of Lucifer's rebellion in heaven, and then the plan of redemption. He should understand the nature of good and evil and how both God and Satan have been working throughout history and bible prophecy will extend all the way through, until the end of time. And finally we need to understand that whether we even realize it or not, we are taking sides with one side or the other in our daily lives. If we do not realize this, then the Devil will easily be able to sweep us over to his side, when the Mark of the Beast is forced upon the inhabitants of this world.

Satan has been preparing a long for his final effort to deceive the whole world through the Mark of the Beast. In fact, he started way back in the Garden of Eden, when he deceived Eve by assuring her that if she disobeyed God, her eyes would be opened, in other words she would become 'enlightened' to realize that she and Adam were both 'gods'. This is the exact same thing that is taught by the Occult New Age Movement today. This is Spiritualism and the Devil has developed these ideas all throughout the ages, into the modern forms of it that we see today. It is nothing less than the Ancient Babylonian Mystery Religion, all wrapped up in new package, designed to deceive the unwary. And these ideas have made their way into the Christian Church.

George Barna, who heads the Barna Group, a polling organization warns:

"Make no mistake about it: the appeal of the New Age ideas and practices is continuing to grow. Millions of Christians espouse New Age beliefs without realizing what they are doing. Many leaders in the Church are poorly informed and unaware of this subtle threat to Christian orthodoxy." Barna, The Barna Report, 1992-93

In the book of Revelation, the 18th Chapter, God is said to be calling His people OUT of 'Babylon'. This is because they have gotten themselves involved in the practices, doctrines, and principles of the Ancient Mystery Religion of Babylon, without realizing what they are doing. In this book, Masterpiece of Deception, the sins of Babylon will be laid open. I will expose the inroads of Spiritualism into the Christian Churches, which today is known as the New Age Movement. I will also explain how the Papacy, Roman Catholicism, has worked her way stealthily into modern Protestantism today and how her secret plans are rapidly fulfilling. It will be shown that the Christian Churches are planning to take hold of the arm of the Government to enforce her Religious dogmas, which will result in the same persecution of so-called 'heretics' as was seen during the Dark Ages. And these dogmas are NOT biblical at all, but actually have their origin in ancient Sun Worship.

-All of these thing will be unmasked.

Copyright 2013, Claudia Thompson