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What must I do to be saved?

New Age Movement
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"He shall honour the God of forces: a god whom his fathers knew not"... he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws Dan:7:25;11:38

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Spiritualism does not teach the fall of man, and therefore, they see no need of a Savior; and no need for atonement.


"Multitudes have come to believe that it is spirits of the dead who are the 'ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them, who shall be heirs of salvation.'... they have been led to believe that the dead actually return to communicate with them.'....They insinuate the most dangerous errors, the law of God is set aside, the spirit of grace is despised, the blood of the covenant counted an unholy thing." Great Controversy pg. 551-553

New Agers actually despise the idea of Christ's atonement for sin. One popular New Age Theosophical writer, L.W. Rogers, sums it up as follows:

"Back of the ancient doctrine of the vicarious atonement is a profound and beautiful truth, but it has been degraded into a teaching that is as selfish as it is false. That natural truth is the sacrifice of the Solar Logos, the Deity of our system. Sacrifice consists of limiting himself in the manner of manifested worlds, and it is reflected in the sacrifice of the Christ, and other great teachers. Not the sacrifice of life, but a voluntary returning to live in the confinement of material... It is the pernicious doctrine that wrongdoing by one can be set right by the sacrifice of another. It is simply astounding that such a belief could have survived the middle ages and should continue to find millions who accept it in these days of clearer thinking. The man who is willing to purchase bliss by the agony of another is unfit for heaven, and could not recognize it if he were there. A heaven that is populated with those who see in the vicarious atonement the happy arrangement letting them in pleasantly and easily would not be worth having."

     For the Theosophist, the 'sacrifice' of Jesus consisted of voluntarily coming to Earth in a bodily form and instructing the people on how to reach their full potential as Gods, as many other Great Masters have done before. According to them, Jesus is no better than any other Religious Teacher, such as Buddha.

     Madame Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, talked about Reincarnation. She said that the purpose of the cycle of Reincarnation is to help us to finally merge with 'God' and to end the painful cycle of rebirth. Said Blavatsky: "It is owing to this law (of Reincarnation) of spiritual development that mankind will become freed from its false gods and find itself finally SELF REDEEMED." Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine

Top New Ager David Spangler insists that "man is his own Satan just as man is his own salvation." Spangler, Reflections on the Christ, pg. 39

     The New Ager perceives 'God' in a different way than you or I or any other Christians do; they believe in the pantheistic view that 'All is God' and that 'God pervades the Natural World', and therefore, they seek God within the self and within the Universe. Because 'All is God', they feel that one need not trouble himself by searching for a Being that exists beyond Creation.

     Satan realizes all too well that all he really needs to succeed in doing is to separate the individual from Jesus and His power, because it is His power only that can truly help a person to spiritually progress. Let's read what Christian Writer Ellen White has to say about this:

"Spiritualistic teachings undermine the faith of those who give heed to them. The theory that god is an essence pervading all nature is one of Satan's most subtle devices. It misrepresents God and is a dishonor to His greatness and majesty.. Our condition through sin has become preternatural, and the Power that restores us must be supernatural, else it has no value. There is but one power that can break the hold of evil from the hearts of men, and that is the power of God in Jesus Christ. Only through the blood of the Crucified One is there cleansing from sin. His grace alone can enable us to resist and subdue the tendencies of our fallen nature. This power the Spiritualistic theories concerning God make of no effect. If God is an essence pervading all nature, then He dwells in all men and in order to attain holiness- man has only to develop the power that is within him.

These theories, followed to their logical conclusion, sweep away the whole Christian economy. They do away with the necessity of the atonement and make man his own Savior... They may regard virtue as better than vice; but God being removed from His position of sovereignty, they place their dependence upon human power, which, without God, is worthless. The unaided human will has no real power to resist and overcome evil. The defences of the soul are broken down. Man has no real barrier against sin. When once the restraints of God's word and His Spirit are rejected, we know not to what depths one may sink. Those who continue to hold these Spiritualistic theories will surely spoil their Christian experience, sever their connection with God, and lose eternal life." Testimonies volume 8, pg. 291,292


     Christianity is based upon the idea that Jesus Christ made claims about Himself which were unique: that He was God who came as a man; that He lived a perfect and sinless life; that He died to atone for the sins of the world; and that He was the only Savior of mankind. His resurrection also makes Him unique.

     Jesus claimed to be more than just one teacher among many others; He claimed to be The Truth, The Light and The Life. All other 'ways' are false, then. However, New Age philosophy says that Jesus was 'just another Guru' who taught basically the same thing as other Gurus. Some even suggest that Jesus studied in India under other Gurus; in order to prepare for His mission. Theirs is a false Christ!

     Christians believe in Jesus Christ as their Redeemer, who came to Earth to restore our fellowship with the Father through His atoning death on the cross and to transform our characters that we might honor God.If we as Christians believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, then we are therefore committed to a certain view of God, of man, of sin, and of Redemption. This Christian view of the world stands in total opposition to the pantheistic view of New Age Spiritualists.

New Ager Kenneth Wapnick says:

'...The Course (in Miracles) teaches that Jesus was not the only Son of God... that Jesus did not suffer and die for our sins... because once you see His death in that way, then you make sin real. You make sin real and then you have to atone for it.' Spiritual Counterfeits Project, Journal 7, no. 1, pg. 11-17, Dean Hakverson, A Matter of Course, -conversation with Kenneth Wapnick

     The Ancient Gnostics taught that Jesus was merely a 'common man', and the 'Spirits' teach this same lie today! New Age leader, Barbara Marx Hubbard claims to have had a powerful 'born again' experience, during which time 'Jesus ' was supposed to have spoken to her. But according to Hubbard, Jesus is: 'an evolutionary mutation... sprung out of the genetic pattern of Homo Sapiens with an enhanced capability to attune to the God-Force.' She also said: 'God is an evolutionary Force that is not kind and that does not care for the feelings of individuals.' Barbara Marx Hubbard, The Evolutionary Journey; a Personal Guide to a Positive Future, pg. 75,144-146.

     Kurt Koch reports that he heard demons saying 'I am the unholy Jesus, the Jesus of Satan.' Koch, pg. 209,210, Occult ABC. And ex-Occultist, Johanna Michaelson spoke with a demon that called itself 'Jesus'.

     New Agers believe that 'we don't need God, Buddha, Jesus, or the Force, and whether they exist or not, is irrelevant, since their only value is to trigger faith in our own innate powers', -which is the way that one Occult believer put it! They see 'Jesus' as a symbol of our own 'inner power' to progress into becoming 'Gods' ourselves. To them, Jesus is only a 'myth', and not to be taken seriously.

     Helena Blavatsky, Theosophist, said: "In the idea of Christians Christ is but another name for Jesus. Ellen White tells us that: 'The spirits deny the deity of Christ and place even the Creator on a level with themselves' and that the spirits teach that 'any just and perfect being is Christ'.' Great Controversy pg 551-557

After Colonel Olcott's death in 1907, Annie Besant, who had been one of Blavatsky's most ardent followers, became the President of the International Theosophists Movement, until she died. According to Annie Besant: "All men become Christs". Annie Besant, Is Theosophy Anti-Christian?, pg. 16

     In channeled book 'The Course in Miracles', it says, according to Kenneth Wapnick that: 'The Course teaches that we are all equally Christ. The only difference is that Jesus was the first to remember who He was." Interview with Dean Halverson, 'A Matter of Course'.

     New Agers think that Jesus reincarnated over and over again, like the rest of us supposedly do, and that He just happened to be fortunate enough to realize that He was 'a Christ', just as the rest of us can realize! New Agers believe that even though we 'evolved' from physical things, that there is at the same time a spiritual nature in us, which is called 'The Higher Self'. They refer to this Higher Self as 'The Christ Within'. It is believed that 'While Jesus was a historical figure, the Christ that propelled and inspired Him was a divine energy that may be harnessed by anyone. Therefore, 'Christ' is not only within a person in the Christian sense of Christ coming to dwell with the believer, but in the final analysis Christ is all people and all people are potential Christs.'


     Christians believe that they are saved by the blood atonement of Jesus Christ and that they are to be transformed in character by His power. Spiritualist New Agers, however, don't see things that way at all. They have entirely different views of what it means to be 'saved' and about how this all comes about.

     The New Age view involves seeing the world in a "holistic" way, the 'All is One and God is in All' perspective which stems from the idea that God is an impersonal force and an infinite consciousness that pervades throughout all of nature. And supposedly, we were once a part of this 'Great All' but fragmented off from it, so that the Universal All could experience itself on different levels. Thus, we have forgotten where we came from and who we really are... -just a 'piece of the All'.

     Being 'lost' then, takes on a whole new meaning for the New Age Believer. To be 'lost' is to be ignorant of the fact that in reality- we are a part of the Universal All, and that this separation from 'It' is merely an illusion. We were once a part of this 'All', and now, we need to be 'restored' back to realizing that fact. Its a matter of being 'restored' back to what we already always have been, rather than being 'saved' from sin. 'Sin' is merely ignorance of our 'oneness with the All'.

     The Gnostics believed that every part of nature was once part of the 'Universal All', and that seeing all things in separate parts- such as humans, trees, grass, rocks, etc. is merely an illusion. Therefore, they believed also that the rocks, trees, grass, etc. all cried out for 'salvation' -or rather, to be united once again with the Universal All. 'Salvation' to the New Ager is not 'atonement' by the blood of Christ, but rather, it is 'at-one-ment' with nature. They even use this term in their literature , sometimes.

     When we supposedly fragmented off from the Great All, we retained a 'divine spark' of this 'God' within our inner selves, otherwise known as the Higher Self, or God-Self. To 'sin' is to deny the divinity within. And to be 'saved' is to realize that man has an infinite potential within, just waiting to be expanded into full 'godhood'. We need only to be connected with the Higher Self within that contains this infinite potential.

     The Ancient Mystery Religions and Baal Worship taught that man was supposed to 'get in touch with nature'. Getting in touch with your 'inner self' or Higher Self is merely another form of getting in touch with nature. This is because you and all of nature fragmented off from the Universal All, and your Higher Self is nature's most evolved form. Getting back to nature is part of this New Age philosophy, which is where the Environmental Movement came from. It is also where the hippies in the 1960's and 70's got their 'flower child' and 'flower power' ideas.

     Christianity offers a radical transformation of character or new birth'. But New Age 'new birth' is a quickening of spiritual consciousness and tries to use a power apart from Christ's atonement and the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit. This results in a false sense of wholeness that leaves the sinful nature of humanity untouched and as it was.


      I have showed you how Christians were using the concepts of Napoleon Hill for their Stop Smoking clinics. Napoleon Hill got his ideas from Demonic Spirits, which he freely admits to (Spirits of the dead). This 'Christian' Stop Smoking Clinic advises you that:

     'Whatever we believe, we can achieve', which is the 'Supreme 'Secret of these disembodied Spirits that Napoleon Hill got his information from. In Selected Messages, by Ellen White we are told that Spiritualism teaches "that virtue is better than vice, but that God being removed- they will have no power to overcome sin'. New Age Spiritualism does not count upon Jesus' atoning blood, and His power to overcome sin, but rather, it counts upon 'Self', who supposedly is 'God' to progress spiritually. Can't we see here that this is what Napoleon Hill teaches also?: 'Whatever you can believe -you can achieve.' 'You' are God, -just visualize and make it happen! You have the power within!

     These Spiritualistic doctrines of no guilt, no law, no sin, no Judgment, no atoning blood of Jesus, are being smuggled into Christian Churches everywhere, but Satan would love to keep our people ignorant of his devices. And all the Eastern Meditation, Visualization, Whole Brain Learning, and the use of NLP Hypnosis that is coming into our Churches is merely Satan's way to get our people into a passive, non-resistant state of mind, so that they will be receptive to these Spiritualistic messages!


     There is a distinct emptiness to the New Age gospel. Not only is it not true, but it lacks the things that God and His Son Jesus long to give us: forgiveness, freedom from sin, love. Personal power, 'feelings' of sentimental 'love', personal preferences on how to conduct our lives, and mystical experiences take the place of what God wishes for us to have. Of what value is this? All that these New Age practices and doctrines do is rob us of true happiness and rob us of true fellowship with Jesus Christ. So why do we want them in our Church? These doctrines are seeking to replace 'Self' as God and Savior. The true answers to man's deepest longings and needs is systematically being taken away from us by an invisible enemy!

'In all ages philosophers and teachers have been presenting to the world theories by which to satisfy the soul's need. Every heathen nation has had its great teachers and religious systems offering some other means of redemption than Christ, turning the eyes of men away from the Father's face... The trend of their work is to rob God of that which is His own, both by creation and redemption. And these false teachers rob man as well... Christ came that He might recreate the image of God in man; and whoever turns men away from Christ is turning them away from the source of true development; he is defrauding them of the hope and purpose and glory of life. He is a thief and a robber.' E.G. White, Desire of Ages, pages 478,479

     Bringing New Age doctrines and practices into our Christian Churches is actually the cruelest thing that the Church Leaders could possibly do to our people! And not only that- it is cruelty to God Himself, because it robs Him of a true relationship with His people and separates them from Him. All of the Visualization, Whole-Brain Learning, and all the rest of it, will not do one thing to bring us closer to God, but rather, these things only turn our eyes away from the Savior who is our true Source of power and redemption. Yet Satan somehow convinces the people to accept these things and call them "Christian".

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 2Cor: 11:14

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