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"He shall honour the God of forces: a god whom his fathers knew not"... he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws Dan:7:25;11:38

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One of the most appalling aspects of the New Age Movement is that they seek to totally obliterate Christianity and all that hold to its teachings! They are endeavoring in every way possible to influence our Civilization to come over to their way of thinking. They generate multitudes of never-ending diversified variations of the New Age Theme. Then they mutate a good portion of these variations into a more widely acceptable, less obviously "New Agey", and less bizarre and foreboding forms.

     It is for this reason that the average person on the street has no idea whatsoever that New Age philosophies and practices are being "smuggled into" every aspect of the world around him! But once you realize what the teachings of New Age Religion are, you will begin to see that it is creeping in everywhere.


      New Age Spokesperson, Marilyn Ferguson notes that "Patients and professionals alike are beginning to see beyond symptoms to the context of illness: stress, society, family, diet, season, emotions." Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, pg. 242 It is this 'realization' that has given rise to modern holistic health care.

      When applied to health care, the word holistic refers to an attitude that believes in the interaction of mind, body, and environment. Holistic health focuses upon the whole person and his or her surroundings.

     Now at first, this sounds very good, doesn't it? We all seem to know that our diet, our surroundings effect our health. We realize that our mind, body and spirit are connected and that each has an effect upon the other. In fact, the New Age holistic approach claims to be person-centered and not disease-centered. Hey, that sounds wonderful too, does it not? But the problem is that the New Age Movement uses these wonderful-sounding terms to draw people in and to make them accept something that they really know nothing about. The truth is that Holistic Health is based primarily upon its conception of energy, not matter. The editors of the New Age Journal say this:

"All of the healing systems that can be called 'holistic' share a common belief in the universe as a unified field of energy that produces all form and substance This vital force, which supports and sustains life, has been given many names. The Chinese call it 'chi,' the Hindus call it 'prana,' the Hebrews call it 'ruach,' and the American Indians name it;'the Great Spirit.'" Rick Fields, Chop wood, carry water, pg. 186

      If you were thinking to yourself that this is beginning to sound like the 'yin yang' energy of the 'Great Universal All,' or the pantheistic pagan god you would be correct! "This energy is not a visible, measurable, scientifically explainable energy, but a 'cosmic' or 'universal' energy based on a monistic (all is one) and pantheistic (all is God) worldview." Elliot Miller, A Crash Course on the New Age Movement," pg. 187.

     New Age Healers believe that a person must 'become attuned' to the healing energy or the 'chi' force in their body and to realize one's own unity with all things. This is what supposedly facilitates healing. This is what holistic health care is really all about!


      Let's randomly select just one of the many New Age practices which are steadily infiltrating our American hospitals let's talk about a thing called Therapeutic Touch.

     The woman lying in the bed is in pain. She is just back from surgery, and her nurse is attempting to make her more comfortable. Another staff member comes in the room and announces that she will use Therapeutic Touch to relieve the patient's pain. She waits a moment, then begins moving her hands in the air above the patient's body. She makes numerous passes over the patient, and the patient finally reports that she is feeling more comfortable.

     This scenario is happening in hospitals all over the United States. Over 100,000 people have been taught Therapeutic Touch in the past 20 years; including nearly 50,000 nurses and other health care professionals. Practitioners have been demanding respect for their medical "art." They have founded Therapeutic Touch associations, lobbied for insurance coverage, established training centers in more than 100 colleges and universities, and have even convinced the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association to include "Energy Field Disturbance" as an official nursing diagnosis, for which TT is the primary intervention. Rosa, Linda, "A Close Look at Therapeutic Touch." Journal of the American Medical Association, April 1, 1998


      Therapeutic Touch was developed in the early 1970s as a system of healing by Delores Krieger, RN, a professor of nursing. Krieger and cofounder Dora Kunz claim that the human body is kept alive by a force called prana or chi and that this energy flows around and through the body, channeled by the chakras, a series of non-physical energy centers in the body. Originally, Therapeutic Touch was based on actual physical touch, and then their "research" showed that similar results could be obtained without physical touch. Current practice is based on the assumption that the physical body is surrounded by an energy field, which can be detected, assessed, and manipulated by a trained practitioner. An imbalance in this "energy field" results in illness or pain, which can supposedly be treated by the TT practitioner. Imbalances are "felt" using the hands, and are described as a sensation of tingling, pressure, pulling, temperature variations, etc.

     A TT session begins with the practitioner centering. This first step is similar to a brief period of eastern meditation, where the Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (TTP) focuses "internally" and concentrates on the intent to heal. The second phase is assessment, where practitioner sweep their hands 2-4 inches over the patient's entire body in an attempt to detect energy imbalances in the patient's Human Energy Field The third phase is called unruffling. During this phase the TTP uses circular sweeping motions to decongest accumulated energy, and either redistribute it to areas of lower energy, or rid the HEF of the excess energy by sweeping it down the body and off at the feet, shaking the excess off the hands (a motion similar to shaking water off the fingers) at the foot of the bed or table. If an area seems particularly imbalanced, the TTP uses a technique called modulation in an attempt to correct the problem. Some practitioners view this step as 'channeling' a healing, universal energy that flows through them to their patient. And others believe they are simply redirecting the patient's own energies. Others feel they are transferring their own subtle energy to the patient.

     We remember what this "universal energy" really is, don't we? It is from The Great All (Satan). This power which is called-upon by Therapeutic Touch practitioners is not coming from anything holy. In the Bible we are warned that there would be false miracles in these last days: Rv: 16:14: For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

     Many have remarked on the similarities of Therapeutic Touch to the teachings of Anton Mesmer, the 18th century hypnotist and believer in "animal magnetism." Mesmer believed that a "subtle magnetic fluid" exists in the body and needs to be controlled or expelled in order for healing to occur. He and his followers believed that obstacles to the free flow of this fluid caused illness, and that skilled healers or "sensitives" could remove these obstructions by making passes over the patient's body with their hands.

     Dora Kunz, Therapeutic Touch's co-founder claimed to be just such a "fifth-generation sensitive." Would it come as a surprise to us that Dora Kunz is the President of the religious Theosophical Society of America? We remember what the Theosophical Society stands for, don't we? with Helena Blavatsky and her occultic teachings about becoming one with Satan, and her going into hypnotic trances to converse with the Great Masters, and all!

     You see, as I said before, the average person on the street has no idea what these things are that are coming into our Society today. They have no idea that the New Age Movement is seeking to infiltrate our entire Civilization with their paganistic worldview! The New Age ideology is stealthily making it's way into the average person's thinking and even into Christian Churches (more on that as we go along), through various means such as television, newspapers, and yes, even through the medical world!

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