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Amazing Facts
A Christian ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and the three angels' message of Revelation 14 to the entire world through television, radio, literature, live Bible and prophecy events, the internet, training, and more.

Amazing Discoveries
Watch media such as science, health, prophecy, religion and politics. Come in and see for yourself!

Sabbath Truth
What day is the Sabbath day and is it important to know? This site explores the relevance of the Sabbath through history in light of the Scriptures.

Hell Truth
Will God torture people throughout eternity? Is hell a real place and if so where is it and who is in charge of it?

Death Truth
Death may be the most misunderstood subject in the world today. What is the truth about death? What happens when you die? Find the truth about death and uncover the deadly deceptions.

Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) is a 24-hour Christian television and radio network available worldwide. 3ABNís focus is to present programming which will reach people right where they are hurting, and to help people spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Hope Media Ministry
Media on topics about Prophecy, Christianity, lifestyle, health, revelations, Hell, the Rapture and much, much more.

Discover Bible Studies
Discover the Bible in a new way via the Online Discover Bible Guides sponsored by the It Is Written international television program. These 26 Bible Guides open the Bible in a clear and concise way. You will learn to understand the Bible and enjoy reading it for the messages it contains to improve your life. This series offered at no charge, and if you desire, you can request several free booklets as you progress through these Bible guides.

It is Written
Television, Radio, Bible Studies, News, Store, and more, all about the End Times as prophesied in the Scriptures. You can study the Bible at the Bible Studies page. You can watch their television programs and choose from a vast archive of them on the TV page. Hear the Daily Devotional by going to 'Every Word'. And you can click on 'Bible Questions'to find answers!

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