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What must I do to be saved?

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"He shall honour the God of forces: a god whom his fathers knew not"... he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws Dan:7:25;11:38

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The Freemasonry Organization is permeated with Serpent Worship! To worship the Serpent means to worship the Devil himself, for it was he who stealthily posed as the Serpent in the Garden of Eden in order to better deceive Eve.


     "You will be as a god, knowing good and evil," he assured Eve. The Serpent virtually told Eve that if she would just stop trusting and listening to God, that he would show her the way to enlightenment! He would be the Savior of mankind and get them out from under the tyrannical rule of their Creator.

     Believing what the Serpent told her, Eve ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, then handed it to her companion, Adam. Occultists, whether it be those of the New Age Movement or of the Freemasonry Organization, really believe that Lucifer or the Serpent, is the Savior of mankind! They honestly think that he has "illuminated" mankind with the "Truth" that they really were gods all along, but just were unaware of the fact.

Helena Blavatsky, Founder of the Theosophical Society, penned these astounding words:

"One of the most hidden secrets involves the so-called fall of Angels. Satan and his rebellious host will thus prove to have become the direct Saviours and Creators of divine man. Thus Satan, once he ceases to be viewed in the superstitious spirit of the church, grows into the grandiose image It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God. Satan (or Lucifer) represents the Centrifugal Energy of the Universe this ever-living symbol of self-sacrifice for the intellectual independence of humanity." H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, pg. 215, 216, 220,245,255,533

That entire last line sits on a page headed: "Holy Satan"! Blavatsky wrote:

"Lucifer represents Life Thought Progress Civilization Liberty Independence Lucifer is the Logos the Serpent, the Saviour." H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol. II pg. 171,225,255


     Lets see what the Masons have to say about the Serpent being "The Savior"

"The Serpent is universally esteemed a legitimate symbol of Freemasonry." George Oliver, Signs and Symbols , New York, Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company, 1906, p. 36

     Did you hear that? The Serpent is the "legitimate symbol" of Freemasonry! This is another admission by this Masonic author that Freemasonry worships Satan! But now let's hear how they regard the Serpent as "Savior of the World, just as Helena Blavatsky, the "Mother of the New Age Movement " said that they do:

"The serpent is the symbol and prototype of the Universal Savior, who redeems the worlds by giving creation the knowledge of itself and the realization of good and evil." Manly P. Hall, 33 Degree Mason, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

     Now I hope you realize that Manly Hall is saying that the Serpent in the Garden of Eden "saved the World" or became its Savior by giving to Eve the "realization of good and evil" when he convinced her to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil, The Fereemasons truly believe that Satan gave them some sort of "secret knowledge" about "how to become Enlightened, to be preserved throughout the Ages, by their Secret Society.

     We must remember Albert Pike's bold assertion in Morals and Dogma, that "Masonry is identical to the ancient Mysteries ", which means that all their teachings in all their books are just the same as the Ancient Pagan Mystery Religions, which are Satanic!


     Now let's discuss the Ancient Druids, who in reality were Witches...

     Let's hear from Albert Pike, 33 Degree Mason, of the Southern Jurisdiction about the Druids:

"The serpent entwined around the egg, was a symbol common to the Indians, the Egyptians, and the Druids. It referred to the creation of the Universe." pg. 496; Teaching of the 25 Degree, Knight of the Brazen Serpent

     Freemasonry does NOT believe that the Universe was created by the God of the Christians. This statement states that the serpent entwined around the egg is a symbol of the creation of the universe! Albert Pike mentioned the Druids in this sentence, above, and other Masons are very forthright in their admission that Freemasonry highly esteems the Druids because their own Mystery Religion is identical to the Druids. Listen to the following statements that were made by the Freemasons:

"... our mode of teaching the principles of our profession [Masonry] is derived from the Druids ... and our chief emblems originally came from Egypt ..." William Hutchinson, Mason, The Spirit of Masonry

     Albert Churchward, another Masonic writer, states that Masons are "our present Druids". Albert Churchward, Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man: the Evolution of Religious Doctrine from the Eschatology of the Ancient Egyptians, London, England, George Allen and Company, Ltd. 1913, Second Edition, p. 189.

Yet another Masonic author, George Oliver, also took note of Freemasonry's connection with the Druids.

"The Druids had a high veneration for the Serpent. Their great god, Hu, was typified by that reptile; and he is represented by the Bards as 'the wonderful chief Dragon, the sovereign of heaven'." George Oliver, Signs and Symbols, New York, Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company, 1906, p. 36

"Masons .. admire the Druids and some of them even claim that Masonry came from Druidism. Of course, the Druids were occultic priests, practiced astrology, and offered human sacrifices." Dr. C. Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, p. 28

To practice the Ancient Religion of the Druids means to carry out the rituals and philosophies of WITCHCRAFT !!


American Indian Serpent
 Hindu Serpent

      Albert Pike also reveals that other Mystery Religions throughout the world worshipped the serpent, in various ways. Let's look at some of the examples: [quotes below taken from Morals and Dogma, p. 496-500]

  • "The Phoenicians represented the God Nomu (Kneph or Amun-Kneph) by a serpent"
  • "In Egypt, a Sun supported by two asps was the emblem of Horhat the good genius; the serpent with the winged globe was placed over the doors and windows of the Temples as a tutelary God." [Note: "tutelary" means "guardian"] "The portals of the Egyptian Temples are decorated with the hierogram of the Circle and the Serpent"
  • In ancient Tyre, and India, "a serpent was ... coiled around the trunk of a tree. Python, the Serpent Deity, was esteemed oracular; and the tripod at Delphi was a triple-headed serpent of gold."
  • The serpent "is found upon the Temple of Naki-Rustan in Persia, on the triubmphal arch at Pechin, in China, over the gates of the great Temple of Chaundi Teeva, in Java; upon the walls of Athens ... The Mexican hierogram was formed by the intersecting of two great Serpents, which described the circle with their bodies, and each a human head in its mouth."
  • "All the Buddhist crosses in Ireland had serpents carved upon them. Wreaths of snakes are on the columns of the ancient Hindu Temple at Burwah-Sangor."

Yes, all over the World we see the trail of the Serpent, and even in the Freemasonry Organization!

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