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"He shall honour the God of forces: a god whom his fathers knew not"... he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws Dan:7:25;11:38

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One of the foundational beliefs in the New Age Movement is that of reincarnation. The theory of reincarnation is based on that idea that our human existence is a series of endless cycles of returning to inhabit another body at the time of death.


     New Age Believers have reverence for the Wheel of Karma. The meaning of this wheel is that all that lives, must also die, and live and die in an endless cycle of reincarnation. This idea exists in the world of Buddhism also. Raymond Buckland, the practicing witch, said on pg. 17 of his book 'Buckland's Complete book of Witchcraft,' that:

'It is believed that the human spirit, or soul, is a fragment of the divine, and eventually it will return to its divine Source. But for its own evolution- it is necessary that the soul experience all things in life.' -Raymond Buckland

     Now, what this man, Raymond Buckland was talking about is called reincarnation. He, along with other believers in witchcraft sees the human spirit as 'a fragment of God.' Therefore, the human spirit, to him, is immortal. This belief in reincarnation provides the groundwork for Spiritualism- in talking to the dead who supposedly never die!

     This lie is the same that was told to Eve in the Garden of Eden by the Devil. He said two things to her: 'Ye shall be a god', and 'Ye shall not die'. The doctrine of mankind evolving to godhood (ye shall be as gods) and also that of the immortality of the soul (ye shall not surely die), build the platform for New Age philosophy. Nothing 'new' about it then, is there?

     Popular writer, actress, and teacher of New Age philosophies, Shirley MacLaine, did a movie called: 'Out on a Limb', in which basic occult themes such as channeling, reincarnation, and other related mystical practices and beliefs were heavily promoted. After doing this movie, she was flooded with letters from people who claimed they had known Shirley in a 'past life'. One of them wrote, 'Shirley is a gutsy gal, who has given me the courage to say that I was a Catholic Nun in the Eleventh Century'.

     Shirley told her Father and Mother: 'When you leave the body and die, and become 'just souls' again- there won't be this separation of cities, like there is now. When you are on the other side and out of your body- you can talk to me all of the time and I will hear you.' And so, she is saying that if you want to 'reach out and touch someone' from the dead, -then you can just do it! Clearly, you can see how the belief in reincarnation provides the foundation for talking to the dead- Spiritualism!

     New Age Occultists teach that our souls need to be purified through the process of reincarnation, and that we continue on and on in an endless cycle, until we finally reach perfection, and become gods. Therefore, there are countless opportunities, countless lifetimes in which a person can reform. Everyone gets another opportunity... the next time around... in the next lifetime! (how convenient)

     This is Satan's way of trying to neutralize the Biblical teaching of the Judgment. While the Bible warns the World of Judgment, New Age disciples smooth things over, convincing the people that they need not worry about sin and judgment. 'You can rest secure in sin' ... 'You have countless lives in which to purify yourselves'... This is the same 'Old Age' lie of the serpent: 'Ye shall not surely die- but sin all you want and just work it out in another lifetime'... and, 'Ye shall be as gods, evolving into godhood by progressing from incarnation to incarnation'. The only difference that it just has a 'New Age' twist!


     Members of the New Age Society share another common belief, and that is the theory of pantheism. Pantheism involves the idea that all is one, or in other words, everything that exists- together composes one essential reality or substance. This ultimate 'reality' is defined as 'God', and is seen as an impersonal consciousness and a powerful force that pervades the entire Universe. Pantheism is a doctrine that identifies God with the entire Universe... therefore, God is in every particle, in every blade of grass, and in every tree and person; so of course, that makes us all 'God!'

     Pantheism is the theological belief that God and His creation are all one in the same thing; that God and nature are one, and that to have reverence for nature, is to worship God (because to them- nature IS God). New Age Religion is Nature Religion. But even the Baal worshippers of old believed the very same thing... that God was in the rocks, in the trees, in the grass... in EVERYTHING! The word pan-theism came from the word 'pan' which means 'all' and 'theism' which means 'pertaining to God'. Therefore, pantheism means that God is in all things... or that 'all IS God'.

     In mythology, Pan is known as god of the forest, or of nature. Pan means 'all', and so this half-man, half-goat is a symbol of God in all of nature. New Agers often have pictures of Pan in their magazines and other materials. According to the pantheistic train of thought, if you could open up a tree or even a person, the life force that permeates that tree or person supposedly is 'God'. 'God in all things' is their motto.


     New Agers believe in the theory of evolution. Reincarnation is actually based on the idea of evolution... man 'evolves' through lifetime after lifetime in endless successive incarnations until they finally reach perfection. Eastern Mysticism teaches that the lower forms of life evolve into higher forms of life and that eventually all men will evolve back into godhood or the 'Source from which they came'.

     The Jesuit, PierreTeilhard de Chardin, (sometimes referred to as the Father of the New Age Movement), eagerly investigated paleontology, which is the study of prehistoric animal fossils, which undoubtedly led to his later obsession with the theory of evolution. "Spiritualism teaches that man is the creature of progression; that it is his destiny from birth to progress or to evolve, even to eternity, toward the godhead". Ellen White, Great Controversy pg 554 In like manner, Teilhard believed that the more man became like his 'true self' (otherwise known as the Higher Self) -the more he evolved into 'what God is'.

     The idea behind this theory is that man was already God and that it was essential that he go back to the Source from whence he came, to find his 'True Self.' He needed to evolve into the 'Ultra Human' or into the God-man to whom Teilhard was referring. Once man reaches this state, he is presumed to have achieved what is known as 'Cosmic Consciousness.' And so the 'Father' of the New Age Movement was deeply involved in the theory of evolution.

     This New Age idea of spiritual evolution makes man his own savior- convincing him that he has the ability to evolve into a god-man. The Creationist believes that since God created the world and created us- He can therefore re-create us into His own image with a god-like character. The Evolutionist is proud however, and thinks he can progress spiritually on his own, without the assistance of God... for he thinks himself to be a god!

     The late Jane Roberts was used to channel a 'disembodied spirit' named Seth. Here is what Seth had to say about God:

'He (God) is not one individual, but an energy gestalt; -a psychic pyramid of inter-related ever-expanding consciousness that creates, simultaneously and instantaneously - universes and individuals that are given through the gift of personal perspective, duration, psychic comprehension, intelligence and eternal validity. This absolute ever-expanding instantaneous, psychic 'gestalt', which you may call 'God', if you prefer- is so secure in its existence that it can constantly break itself down and rebuild itself. Its energy is so unbelievable that it does indeed form all universes, systems, and fields- it is indeed aware of each sparrow that falls, for it is each sparrow that falls. In a sense- there is no such thing as 'God'. God does not exist. In another sense- there is nothing else but God- only God exists. All is God. And because all is God- there is no God!'

     Now the question is, where did New Age Spiritualists get their self-centered, high-minded, and self-willed attitude? With a little investigation, we may discover the source! It was Solomon who said, 'there is no new thing under the sun.' Ecclesiastes 1:9 The so-called 'New Age' Movement is really nothing new at all! It is the same old lie that the Devil has been promoting to mankind since the Garden of Eden, when he said to Eve: 'ye shall not surely die: for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.' Genesis 4:4,5

     Talk about being heady-minded! To think of yourself as a god is quite the ultimate version of what it means to be conceited, isn't it? God had told Eve, 'Do NOT eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil,' but the Serpent suggested that she disregard that command, and be self-willed, heady-minded and headstrong, doing whatever she wanted to do! 'Ye shall be as a god' he assured her.

     The very sentiments expressed to Eve by the Serpent are echoed in the teachings and philosophies of today's Spiritualistic New Age Thinking! The New Age instructs its disciples that they are naturally 'gods' who need only to have their eyes opened to the fact. 'In the day ye eat thereof,' said the Serpent, 'your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods.' New Agers call this 'eye-opening' experience Self-Realization or the discovery of one's own inner divinity! Actress and prominent New Age 'Guru' Shirley Mac Laine said:

'You are everything. Everything you want to know is inside of you. You are the universe... Maybe the tragedy of the human race was that we had forgotten that we were each divine... You must never worship anyone or anything other than self, for you are God. To love self is to love God. I exist- therefore I am. I know that the God Source exists- therefore it is. Since l am a part of that Source, then I AM that I AM' -Shirley Mac Laine, Out on a Limb, 1983

     Did you hear that! Shirley Mac Laine said that we are God! The New Age Movement seeks to bring us back to the old lie of the Serpent- way back in the Garden of Eden. Nothing at all 'new' about it!

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