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"He shall honour the God of forces: a god whom his fathers knew not"... he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws Dan:7:25;11:38

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Creative Visualization is yet another method of altering one's consciousness. It also goes by the name of Guided Imagery. The intent is to create or recreate physical realities with the 'powers of the mind'. This so-called 'power' that we possess comes from the idea that since we are all a part of the Universal All or the God-force, then naturally we can create things, for we too are 'God' and thus are The Creator!


     The roots of Visualization come from Hinduism, which stretches all the way back to Ancient Egypt beliefs and Babylonian religious beliefs. The Egyptian Thoth, later known as Hermes supposedly taught that the physical world could be transformed through mental imagery.

     In Hinduism it is believed that all of what we see as the Universe is merely an illusion. Hinduism teaches that the three qualities of the godhead were originally in a state of perfect balance, but supposedly something happened to put it out of balance, and then the separateness of all things, such as rocks, trees, and humans appeared, which are merely an illusion. 'True Reality' is all things as one, in the New Age mindset.

     Therefore, the reasoning is that- if what we normally think of as 'reality' is really just an illusion, then our mental powers can alter it and just by merely visualizing it to be something different! After all, if the supposed Divine Inner Self is God- then anything that it may conjure up or visualize has to be True Reality. And since the true divine inner god-like self longs to be one with the Universal All, then anything that it might dream up must be an aid to reuniting with that All.

     New Age mystics also try to heal sickness with the aid of Creative Visualization because supposedly, sickness is just a part of the 'illusion' of our world that can be changed by having the sick person's mind becoming one with the Universal All and visualizing the sickness going away. After all, a 'God' could never be sick, right? Creative Visualization involves getting both the mind and the body aligned with the Universal All by first using hypnotic relaxation and breathing techniques (the same that are used during Eastern Meditation) so that the person can become inducted into an altered state of consciousness. Self-hypnosis procedures are used.

     Then the person is ready to visualize whatever he or she wants to occur. This image that the mind has visualized is then enforced over and over again with repeated affirmations, like hypnotic suggestions. In Eastern Meditation any conflicting thoughts must be allowed to float only fleetingly through the mind and then be ignored. You must merely be aware of the thought and then let it pass.

     Creative Visualization is a practice that is used in Witchcraft. The idea is that you have the god-force inside of you, and that if you think something and wish it to happen- then your thoughts act as a 'magnet' to attract the energies of the Universe in aiding your wishes to be manifested and to become a reality.

     In other words, in Ancient Witchcraft, the Magician would decide that he wanted something to occur. Then the God-forces of the Universal All would resonate with the God-force in the Magician, actually causing the thing that they wanted to have happen- occur! You have ignored the so-called false reality, or the illusion, and have created instead your own reality, which naturally must be good, because after all- you are God! This new thing that you have created with you thoughts is supposedly the true reality that has been there all along, and which you merely made manifest with your thoughts.

Let's read a little from New Ager Shakti Gawain's book Creative Visualization, pg. 94,95:

"Sit down or lie comfortably, close your eyes and breathe deeply, slowly, and naturally. Gradually relax deeper and deeper. Imagine something that you would like to manifest. Imagine that it has already happened. Picture it as clearly as possible in your mind. Now in your mind's eye surround your fantasy with a pink bubble. Pink is the color associated with the heart, and if this color vibration surrounds whatever you visualize, it will bring to you only that which is in perfect affinity with your being. The third step is to let go of your bubble and imagine it floating off into the universe, still containing your vision. This symbolizes that you are emotionally 'letting go' of it. Now it is free to float around in the universe, attracting and gathering energy for its manifestation."

As I mentioned before, Creative Visualization is nothing more than Witchcraft! In the Book Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft, pg. 156 we read the following:

"Primitive man works magically by imagining what he wants. He sits and 'sees' himself hunting an animal. He 'sees' himself attack and kill it. He 'sees' himself then with food. Sometimes, to help him see these things, he draws pictures. He paints a picture, or carves a model, of himself hunting and killing. All of this is part of what is called 'sympathetic' magic. To help YOU 'see' or visualize, here are some exercises you can do. The first is easy.

Take a picture from a magazine- let's say it is of a house. Look at it carefully. Study it. See all of the details of the house and the rest of the picture. See the shape of the roof; the windows and where they are. See the door(s) and the front steps, if there are any. See the garden and the fence, if there is one. See the roadway outside the house, and any people who might be in the picture. Now tear the picture in half. Take one of the halves and lay it on a sheet of white paper. Look at it. Visualize the missing half of the picture. See it whole. See all the details as you remember them. Now take a picture of the person (this can be used for healing, among other things)... You need to study it till you can see him or her, in all detail, without the picture being there. You need to be able to see, to visualize, him or her doing what you want them to do See it- concentrate upon it." -Taken from The Everyday Practice of Voodoo


     The real truth about Creative Visualization is that Satan plays upon man's desire to have things happen that would not normally happen. And Satan convinces people that if they "do" something- then they are a god because they could make that thing occur. But Satan has power to make false miracles happen, even without our help! He does not need your help 'visualizing' anything. By doing Creative Visualization, you have once again put your mind into a 'dummied up' state of altered consciousness and then your reasoning powers are gone, leaving Satan free to suggest anything that he wants to you, with no resistance from you. It is that simple! Satan has devised all sorts of ways to do this, and Creative Visualization is just one of many.

     The Devil doesn't care if you think that you are healing some disease, or doing meditation to get in touch with the All, or imagining things and making them happen, -just as long as he gets you to put yourself into that altered state of consciousness, the hypnotic trance state, so that he can control your mind!

     In the 1960's, the Rock Group "The Beatles" became heavily involved with Transcendental Meditation, by associating with a Hindu Guru named Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Maharishi realized that in order to flood the whole world with his New Age Transcendental Meditation (and thus saturate the world with Eastern philosophy) that he must change its name. Westerners would not accept Eastern philosophy and practices "as is". The following is from a book called The Beatles Forever, by Nicholas Schaffner, pg. 88 (note that in the paragraph below, "TM" is an abbreviation for Transcendental Meditation:

"Most of T.M.'s late-Sixties recruits, such as the Beatles, seemed to view it as an initiation into the mysteries of the East, and accordingly donned flowing robes and strings of beads and filled the air with incense. But His Holiness, who is given to blue-printing World Plans with the ultimate aim of turning every last human being onto T.M., was astute enough to notice that the counterculture contained but a fraction of his envisaged constituency. T.M.'s young teacher/salesmen were requested to cut their hair short, wear suits and ties, and spread the word to Middle America, where people were less concerned with talk of 'cosmic consciousness' than with quick relief from fatigue, stress, and high blood pressure (which, nonpartisan studies indicate, T.M. can provide)."

     Maharishi Mahesh Yogi knew that he must change the focus of Eastern Meditation and instead call it Stress Management or Relaxation Techniques, because that is what Americans needed most. In the busy American Business world, stress was a major problem, and Maharishi realized that if he could offer Eastern Meditation under the cover title of Stress Management that the people would eagerly accept it.

     The New Age Movement is also known as the Human Potential Movement, because its practices and philosophies supposedly help mankind to reach their full potential of realizing their 'godhood' (symbolized by reaching for the sun). Richard Watring, who is the personal Director of Budget Rent-a-Car Corporation in Chicago said:

"For about the last three years I have observed the introduction and growth of a new philosophy of human potential and development. Lay people often refer to it as the 'New Age' Movement. Marilyn Ferguson chronicled the history and current development of this movement in her best seller, The Aquarian Conspiracy. She lists a number of psychotechnologies 'for altering consciousness' such as meditation, Self-hypnosis, Guided Imagery, Visualization Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, Biofeedback and many others. I began noticing a number of consultants and corporate Human Resources and Development practitioners who were promoting 'higher creativity,' 'improved memory,' 'accelerated learning,' 'stress management'. I found that most of these methods were somewhere on Ferguson's list of 'means to altering consciousness.'" Richard Watring, New Age Management

     These Business Corporations know that Businessmen want to hear about something that might 'increase their potential,' because they want their businesses to flourish in a competitive world. And so, the New Age Movement takes Eastern philosophies and tacks on a Western name to it. By the same token, in children's schools, words like Relaxation are used, to get the children (and their parents) to accept Eastern practices and philosophies, that they would otherwise never accept.

     Top Spokesperson for the New Age Community, Marilyn Ferguson says: "There have been heroes in education, as there have always been heroes, trying to transcend the limits of the old structure; but their efforts are too often thwarted by peers, administrators, parents... that is why, as Mario Fantini bluntly affirms, 'The psychology of becoming has to be smuggled into the schools.'" The Aquarian Conspiracy, pg. 281, Marilyn Ferguson (the word becoming, in New Age language means to become god)

And New Agers Paula Klimek and Deborah Rozman suggest: "Advice: If you're teaching it in a public school, don't call it meditation, call it 'centering.' Every school wants children to be relaxed, attentive, and creative, and that's what they'll get." Canfield and Klimek, Education in the New Age, pg. 36 "If you still have trouble with the word 'Meditation' when bringing this program to your children, parents, family, school administrators or Board of Educators, use alternative terms like Stephanie does, such as awareness training, concentration, centering, awareness games, relaxation, holistic learning, creative imagery, etc." -Rozman, Meditating with Children, pg. 148

And in her book called Like Lambs to the Slaughter, Johanna Michaelson, who used to be an Occultist, but now is a Christian says:

"In personal interviews with Witches I have been told that their covens 'laughed themselves silly' at how the church has so wholeheartedly adopted their occult techniques, thinking that as long as they tagged 'Jesus' at the end of them they were perfectly okay. In my own earlier days I used extensive guided imagery/ visualization techniques for developing psychic powers and mediumship (for channeling the 'spirit world'.) Some of the techniques I learned through Silva Mind Control, some through the practice of Hatha and Raja Yoga, and some were given to me by the medium with whom I worked for 14 months. It was a colossal shock to me to discover that virtually the same techniques I had practiced as an occultist were being used in the church!" Like Lambs to the Slaughter, pg. 110 Johanna Michaelson

     I personally was shocked as I began researching this New Age Movement and finding almost everywhere I turned that New Age techniques and philosophies were being promoted in MANY Christian Denominations in a multitude of ways!

     For instance, one day I purchased a used New Age Catalog in which I read about a New Age Musician and how he composed his music to put one in touch with the "Spirit World" and its frequencies. Then I also read about a New Age hypnotist who used "Relaxation techniques" to put you into a trance, in this same catalog. Well the very next day I received in the mail a copy of a Stress Management Seminar that was put out by a very well respected Christian Television Speaker. In this short course, people were told to "relax, relax, relax close your eyes, open your mouth slightly inhale deeply" so that they could "exercise their minds and use their imagination". "Imagine a beautiful flower suspended two feet from you, imagine yourself as a Raggedy Ann- completely soft and relaxed. Visualize something far far away" and so forth.

     Finally, when I got to the end of this "Christian Seminar" I notice that the "Supplementary Material" that was recommended for the people to purchase to go along with the Seminar was a tape cassette with words by the same hypnotist that I had just read about in the New Age Catalog and music by the exact same New Age musician that I had just read about in that same catalog the one who talked about the fact that he composed his music to help people get in touch with 'The Spirit World.'

     I cannot tell you the shock I felt and the many after-shocks I have felt ever since then, as I continue discovering so many New Age philosophies and practices being "smuggled into" our Christian Churches today! It has alarmed and amazed me so much that finally I felt I had to warn others of this terrible trend!

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