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"He shall honour the God of forces: a god whom his fathers knew not"... he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws Dan:7:25;11:38

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In the mid Nineteenth Century there was an American outbreak of Spiritualism, and now a 'New Wave' of Spiritualism is sweeping across America in the form of New Age 'Channeling'. Channeling is the communication of information to or through a human being from a source that is said to exist on some other level or dimension of reality than the physical.


     There is an important difference between that Spiritualism that was practiced during the mid Nineteenth Century with their seances and the New Age Channeling Movement today. During the old style seances the Medium supposedly conjured up the Spirit of a deceased Relative, specifically to communicate a message of a personal nature, while modern Channeling involves communicating with a 'Spirit' who is an unrelated Being who communicates messages of guidance, knowledge or direction for the New Ager.

     These channeled Beings will give discourses on the nature of God, Humanity, and the Universe, during which time they will always seem to confirm the New Age views on these subjects. They present the "All is One" concept in the most alluring manner, and seem to validate that the New Age belief system was right all along. Satan's new method is to try to make Spiritualism seem "Christian", and of course, there is no true Biblical support for the New Age views; and so the Devil uses 'The Spirits' to confirm these views instead. It is the only 'proof' that they have!

     Beside the fact that the Spirits seem to confirm their pantheistic worldview, New Agers also love to talk to these 'Spirit Beings' because it gives them a feeling of having a God to talk to, which they otherwise would not have. Their impersonal view of God as a 'Force of Nature' leaves them without a personal God to listen to them when they need an all-knowing Being to know what's inside their hearts. They may be able to talk about God as a force but they cannot talk to God as a personal Being. The New Age practice of communicating with their own Inner Self or Higher Self helps to take the edge off their loneliness but channeling the Spirit World offers them an exciting and exotic option -allowing them to talk to actual "Beings" who will talk back to them and even answer their questions about life.

      Former Top New Age Leader Randall Baer tells the story of his experiences with some of these channeled Spirits in his book Inside the New Age Nightmare. (Please keep in mind that any time I refer to these Spirit Beings that they are merely demons posing as Spiritual Guides). Randall Baer began to get more and more drawn into the lies of these Spirit Entities as time went by. Let's read about his story:

"The spirit would began to speak to us (he and his girlfriend, Vicki) explicitly and directly. All of a sudden Vicki would go into a trance. Then a Spirit would come into her body and animatedly speak. I couldn't believe what was happening.

These electrically compelled spirits would come in and identify themselves, and then proceed to convey some august universal message of great import. I found that I even could converse with these 'high and wide' spirit-entities. They would answer my questions with what sounded like great wisdom and supernatural prescience. The variety of spirits coming and going was astounding- I talked with 'Eagle', 'White Cloud', 'Serapis Bey', 'Ascended Master Kut-humi', 'Mary', 'Golden-helmeted Ones', 'Green Ray Master', and a host of others. The power emanating from these spirits was overwhelming and entrancingly intoxicating.

For hours at a time, spirit after spirit would come into Vicki's body and speak through her. She was totally oblivious to what was being said and done. It was like she was tucked away somewhere while the spirits temporarily would 'use her vehicle', as they said, to speak to me.

I was flabbergasted by what they told me. Distilling the volumes of information, essentially this array of exalted 'Universal Masters' and 'Servants of the Light' told me this: that Vicki and I, and a few select others like us around the world, were receiving a 'grand dispensation' to be the vanguard 'Bearers of the New Age Light' to lead the world into the fast-approaching 'Golden Age of Oneness'." Randall Baer, Inside the New Age Nightmare, pg. 29

      So what is the real source of these intrusions from the Spirit World? Why is there such an explosion of these experiences at this time in mankind's history? What Doctrines are these Spirit Entities teaching? At this time, we will take a look at some of the most popular New Age Channelers and their Spirit Entities who speak through them; and after that, we will go into more detail about the messages that they are bringing to mankind.


     In a small town called Yelm, Washington there was a housewife by the name of J.Z. Knight, who is a pretty honey-blonde 40 year old woman... someone you wouldn't expect to be channeling a supposedly 35,000 year old Spirit named Ramtha.

     Ramtha, who calls himself "The Enlightened One" is said to be one of those Ascended Masters who have evolved into a God. Speaking through J.Z. Knight, Ramtha said:

"I am a sovereign entity who lived a long time ago upon Earth. In that life I did not die: I ascended, for I learned to harness the power of my mind and to take my body with me into an unseen dimension of life. I am now a part of an unseen brotherhood who love mankind greatly. We are your brothers who hear your prayers and your meditations and observe your movements to and fro.

All of you are very important and precious to us, because the life that flows through you and the thought that is coming to every one of you however you entertain it, is the intelligence and the life-force that you have termed God. It is the essence that connects all of us, not only to those upon your plane, but to those in untold universes which you have not yet the eyes to see.

Throughout history, we have tried many different avenues to remind you of your greatness, your power, and the foreverness of your life. We have been king, conquerer, crucified Christ, teacher, friend, philosopher- anything that would permit knowledge to occur. At times we have intervened in your affairs to keep you from annihilating yourselves, so that life here would continue to provide a playground for your experiences and your evolution into joy." -Ramtha, Channeled by J.Z. Knight, as reported in New Age Catalog, pg. 5

     This Spirit Being had come to J.Z. Knight, as a result of her fooling around with occult things. She and her husband had been dabbling with Pyramid Power. According to New Agers, pyramids and triangles are believed to possess certain special powers. Some wear miniature pyramid around their necks to bring positive energy forces into their bodies. Others make paper or cardboard pyramids and place them near foodstuffs, believing them to have preservative powers.

     It was while J..Z. Knight and her husband were making paper pyramids to put in their kitchen cupboards to preserve food that the demon-spirit Ramtha appeared in their kitchen as a "huge being of light". Please understand that in nearly every case- these "Spirit Beings" come because someone is dabbling in Occultism. In commenting upon the demon-possessed man that Jesus had healed, Christian Writer, Ellen White said:

"He had placed himself on the enemy's ground, and Satan had taken possession of all his faculties. The tempter had allured him with many charming presentations; but when once the wretched man was in his power, the fiend became relentless in his cruelty, and terrible in his visitations. So it will be with all who yield to evil; the fascinating pleasure of their early career ends in the darkness of despair or the madness of a ruined soul." -Desire of Ages, pg. 253

     This is why All Christians who are in any way getting involved in Occult techniques such as Visualization, Eastern Meditation, Relaxation techniques, mood-altering music, Whole Brain Learning, or any of the other New Age practices, need to wake up and remove their feet from off of Satan's territory, because by doing those things, you are virtually inviting demon control!

     Now, getting back to J.Z. Knight and her initial encounter with Ramtha. The Spirit Entity Ramtha promised this housewife that he would be her guide on her journey to 'Becoming a God.' He also promised to use her as a channel of blessing to the world. And now, he even channels his 'ancient wisdom' through her in seminars, and has even done this on National Television. Ramtha the Spirit Entity is also known as The Ram. The Ram is also known as the goat, which has long been a symbol of Satan. "The Ram" announced, through J.Z. Knight that "In the seed of Lucifer lies God and demons".

     Before J.Z. Knight had been taken over by "Ramtha" -according to one of her High School former Classmates, Sandy Fallis, Knight was once at a Christian Prayer Meeting and she suddenly began speaking in a strange male voice, who identified itself as a demon named Demias, said Fallis in a segment of ABC's television show 20/20. She was holding her neck, according to Sandy Fallis, and saying "I can't breathe!" and at that point the male voice broke out again and said, "You want this body and you can't have it!" J.Z. Knight denies this incident ever occurred, however.

     When J.Z. Knight was once on television being interviewed, she entered a trance, in order for the entity Ramtha to be channeled through her. She became very still and began to breathe deeply (which is an Eastern Meditation Occult technique). She then contorted, tossed her head around as if being animated like a puppet, and then strange growling sounds were heard, as she began to be transformed into Ramtha. She stood erect, and acted like a marionette with jerking motions. Everybody in the audience sat spellbound, as if hanging upon every word that Ramtha uttered. They seemed to see it as a "Message from God".

     J.Z. Knight now travels from city to city, typically introducing Ramtha by entering, into an altered state of consciousness, beginning to shake, and then suddenly going limp. Ramtha then manifests himself through her and starts spouting off his typical New Age "wisdom", that the audience has paid large amounts of money to hear. The message usually revolves around the idea that we are all Gods, and that even Lucifer is "Divine". Knight now lives in Yelm, Washington, and scores of followers flock there to this farming community of about 1,400 people 55 miles south of Seattle to be close to Ramtha the Spirit Guide. She even has a following among Hollywood's elite, including Linda Evans, from the T.V. Show Dynasty. One published report claims that Evans has already bought a $1.5 million home about a thirty minute drive from J.Z. Knight's residence.


      Psychologist Jane Roberts, back in the 1960's, first met a Spirit who identified himself as Seth, when she started experimenting with an Ouija Board. An Ouija Board is a mechanism that is used to contact the Spirit World and upon it there are letters with which the Spirits can spell out messages. The Board also has the words Yes and No upon it. If you will recall, J.Z. Knight first had her meeting with the Spirit "Ramtha" after fooling around with Occult Pyramids. Being in any way connected with occultic practices leaves one vulnerable to demonic forces, and can become extremely dangerous!

     Miss Roberts was thereafter able to discard her Ouija Board and speak on her own for the Spirit 'Seth', who from then on seemed to possess her. Jane Roberts then went on to publish thousands of pages known as The Seth Materials, which became quite famous. She also went on to conduct over 500 sessions with Seth. Her material was published in a series and became available in Book Stores all over America, and were an overnight sensation among New Agers and others who were interested in the Occult.

     Soon, those who had read the Seth Materials began to meet at local homes all around the United States and even overseas to study these materials in groups. Seth told his followers that doing Eastern Meditation was very important for your Spiritual growth and would aid them in contacting the Spirits.

Each year in Austin, Texas, Seth disciples from around the world gather to study the Seth materials in depth, and to fellowship together. At one of these particular yearly meetings, the Seth followers were taught how to speak in tongues and to combine this with holy dancing. This of course, is what is done in Pentecostal Holiness Churches, which is in fact- Spiritualism.

     During these tongue-speaking sessions, the Seth disciples were instructed on how to perform "Sumari", which supposedly is a language that is not really "language" in the normal sense of the word. Its importance is upon the sounds rather than upon its written patterns, and these sounds supposedly have a certain "power" when spoken.

Jane Roberts, channeler of the Seth Entity, described her first experience in speaking in Tongues: "I heard a babble of voices in strange languages. I didn't know what I was supposed to do with them, but I knew that something was expected of me. Suddenly I began to chant words in a loud, ringing voice: 'Sumari, Ispania, Wena nefarie, Dena dena nefarie, Lona, Lana, Lana Sumare.' Then in a whisper someone else said in my voice, in other words coming from my mouth, but it was someone from inside of me, 'I am Sumari, you are Sumari, throughout the ages you have been Sumari. I am acquainting you with your heritage.' At the same time a delicious warmth filled my body. It came like a glow, from inside, radiating outward"

     Of course, this was a demon who was speaking through Jane Roberts! The Devil used Roberts in a big way, because this widespread interest in Seth gave rise to the current channeling movement. With Seth was opened a whole new chapter in the history of American Spiritualism.

     It used to be that New Agers had to go see an 'all-wise Guru' for instruction in Spiritual matters; but now you no longer needed a spiritually qualified instructor. You could listen to a channeled entity, who of course had "all the answers" about life. The Channeler need not even be qualified as a teacher, because the entity who was speaking through him or her was believed to be the "wise teacher" who was actually doing the teaching.

Then there's Jach Pursel, who channels an entity called Lazaris. Jach and his wife Peny were very involved in doing Eastern Meditation, but Jach had a reoccuring problem with falling off to sleep after a certain amount of time during these Meditation sessions. But not one certain time! One time when Jach had been doing his Eastern Meditation and had seemed to doze off, he suddenly began speaking in a strange voice! His wife Peny started asking questions and this "voice" who was speaking through Jach would answer. She became convinced that another Being had taken over her husband's body and was talking through him. This same thing happened again and again, but Jach seemed to be unable to remember any of it.

     Jach chose to name the entity Lazaris, and eventually- channeling Lazaris became a common occurrence for him. He started giving public lectures, weekend workshops, and private consultations, with Lazaris doing all of the talking. Lazaris, the Spirit Entity claims that he is there to "love you when you're ready to be loved" and that "he will guide you on your spiritual journey home to God! Goddess! The All, or whatever you choose to call it".

     Lazaris also talks about growing towards your magnificent Higher Divine Self and even leads the listener step by step in preparation to meet his or her "Higher Self" (the Divine part of you that resides within, supposedly). He then further instructs on how to maintain a continuing relationship with "It". Of course, this demonic entity is in reality leading people to converse with other demonic presences, who mask themselves as the "Higher Self" within. I have described to you just a few of the more popular channeled "Spirits". There are a great variety of others, however...

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