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The Catholic Connection
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"He shall honour the God of forces: a god whom his fathers knew not"... he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws Dan:7:25;11:38

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In order to show that Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Roman Catholic Jesuit's Order was indeed involved in Witchcraft as we discussed in the previous article, I will tell you some of his beliefs, one of which was PANTHEISM, which is a form of Witchcraft and Spiritualism.


     Ignatius has a certain obsession about trying to find "God" in everything around him. In fact, Malachi Martin, former Jesuit said, when speaking about the Order of the Jesuits:

"Each companion in the Society (of Jesus) was burning and busy to find every trace of God and God's handiwork throughout the cosmos where he, God the Workman, the deus faber of the midevil mystics, was ever at work creating... Of course, I saw God at work in all things---vivifying, beautifying, freshening, and quickening human beings and all of nature into life-nourishing cycles. Throughout, I thus saw God in all things. But more than that, I strove with my spirit and with my whole being to arrive at the summit of love where I could see all things in God; see them rather as manifestations of His power and beauty, as rays of light descending from the sun, as streams of water leaping from the spring well. Nothing in creation could escape this viewpoint--- the fearful symmetry of the tiger, the ridiculous curl to a piglet's tail, perfumes, colors, tastes, the audible silence settled on mountaintops, the patterns traced by a dancer, the cries of children at play, the songs of birds, the toils of the least of insects. Seeing all things in God, with their being and their beauty, the scales would fall away from my fleshbound eyes. Quietly, unresistingly, coherantly all would be absorbed in Him, for me; and the dust and ashes of their mortality and of my own mortality would be consumed in the stainless luster of His eternal existence and beauty... Ignatius (loyola) presumed that every Jesuit would have this same perpetual preoccupation with finding God in all things." -Malachi Martin, The Jesuits, pg. 206.207

We need to understand that the first principle of the Catholic Faith is that:

"...the natural world is a sign of God, not merely because God created it as good, but because God, somehow actutally is IN it... The Catholic Religious imagination says that God lurks in every place." -How to Save the Catholic Church, Andrew Greeley (a Roman Catholic Priest), pg. 40,43

The true Catholic mind sees God is all of nature:

" the sticks and stones, the sky and the stars, the caves, the dances, in conception, birth, growth, and death... God is still there- not totally encompassed by these materialities but nonetheless totally present in and among them." -How to Save the Catholic Church, Andrew Greeley, pg. 48


     As Ignatius Loyola matured, he loved to spend many hours studying books about the various dead saints. In fact, he loved to try to find ways to be able to communicate with these dead saints- which of course is Spiritualism! During the years of 1525-1528 he put into writing his new spiritual outlook on life, and called these writings The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola.

      Because Ignatius was a member of the Illuminati... a Witch, he would do the purification rituals, meditation and fasting just as the witches do, before communicating with Satan and the demons. Only, Ignatius claimed he was doing it in preparation to converse with the "Dead Saints". The Illuminati taught that living a life of purity and service would open their so-called inner senses so that they would obtain spiritual sight or clairvoyance, known as the third eye, become seers, and be able to converse with angels and dead saints. (see Encyclopedia Americana, 1947, pg. 698)

     New Agers and Witches, when experiencing "cosmic consciousness" (becoming one with the All) sometimes report weightlessness during this process and levitate off of the ground. In fact, during the big Spiritualism craze of times past, people would claim to levitate furniture off the floor when contacting "the Spirits"! Well, Ignatius Loyola also experienced levitation while practicing his Spiritual Exercises:

"Loyola developed his 'spiritual exercises' to bring one to spiritual perfection. Through systematic meditation, prayer, contemplation, visualization, and illumination, Loyola would go into a trance and ecstasy. He was even seen to levitate off the floor, as have many Jesuits completely under satanic power." -Chick Publications, The Force

     Ignatius Loyola desired to use mysticism to actually encounter "God" or "Christ" in person, says ex-Jesuit Malachi Martin in his book, The Jesuits, pg 155. Martin tells how Ignatius supposedly ascended into the third heaven in an out of body experience to participate in the most hidden secrets of divinity that there are! There, supposedly, Ignatius was introduced to a bodiless spirit, which was "God".

     Now just in case you haven't realized this by now, let me spell it out for you! ...all Ignatius Loyola had done was to take the practices of Witchcraft and put a "Christian" cloak over them! These things in reality were about as far from God as you can get, and in fact were just ancient methods used by Witches to contact demons and even Satan himself!

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